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Roux Hair Treatment

Roux hair treatment is an unique form of hair treatment that uses codeine to relax and plump hair, it is a side effect of the drug class drugs that influence the brain, such as and niacin. This product is an 24 ml bottle of special extra strength leave in hair treatment that can help to add thickness and volume to your hair.

8.45 Oz.*  #233  3 Pc


By Roux/Revlon


18ml Each

Roux Hair Treatment Walmart

This treatment is specific to the effect that it provide to hair, creating a volume and hair-like texture, it is a leave-in treatment that is designed to correct hair problems and improve their overall texture and appearance. This Roux hair treatment is designed to help improve hair volume and give the appearance of leave-in hair treatment, it is likewise designed to help shine the hair, resulting in a more shiny and healthy-looking head of hair. This treatment is 8, 45 oz and can be found at most convenience stores. This 8, 45 oz. Roux hair treatment is designed to rejuvenate and repair your hair, it is produced of 100% keratin content and is a leave-in treatment that should be used on an occasional basis to help your hair look shining and healthy. This treatment is designed to help improve the hair's hydration, shine and due to its three key ingredients - (extra strength), 07 (roux), extra (extra powerful) and strength (extra strong).