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Capillary Hair Treatment

Looking for a more youthful look but without the side effects from hair growth? Try the Capillary hair treatment with chelly technology, Capillary treatment contains for maline which provides long-lasting results, the free for mha hair you experience are also a result of this formaline-free treatment.

Kit Black Love Straight Capillary Robson Peluquero

Brazilian Hair Treatment KIT BLACK

By Robsón Peluquero


Mask 300g - Felps

Capillary Hair Treatment Amazon

Our Capillary hair treatment is designed to work just like a well-oiled machine, by targeting the peri-capillary space, we are able to open up this area and help improve the blood flow to this part of the body. This will in turn, help to improve the blood production and circulation, this Capillary hair treatment mask is used to treat the worse cases of hair loss. It is produced of macadamia be (argan) fibers, and is composed of 300 g of the finest Capillary hair treatment mask material, the okra, and of course, argan macadamia hair oil, this Capillary hair treatment will help to improve the structure and function of your Capillary hair. It uses a capillary-based technology which helps to reach the inside of your Capillary walls, this treatment also uses a water-based treatment out any dirt, bacteria, and oils. The Capillary hair treatment is a surrogate to protect the skin from damage bysurface-ripping and other detrimental factors, the treatment is effective and is able to protect the skin from hassle free healthy growth of Capillary blood vessels. The Capillary hair treatment is moreover effective in preventing the growth of such as sebum and bacteria.